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Game Development
"The game users want"
"The game only we can develop"

These are our themes when we develop games.

Denyusha can provide all steps of Game Development from game planning to debugging software. We can help design whole or partial game characters, create graphic data, develop programs, direct/produce, etc. and all can be developed for various platforms. We can also localize English and Chinese products within our company.

Mobile Game Development

Denyusha currently develops games for use on three carriers, DoCoMo, AU, and Vodafone, and we are capable of developing high quality products in a short period of time. We can also develop mobile games for Chinese carriers. In addition to developing mobile applications, we also develop and manage mobile web sites.

Online Game Development and Management
Denyusha was developing online games and systems before the online game market began to form in Japan and use this strategic advantage to develop online games for various platforms. We are a sole-source online game provider in that, in addition to game development, we are capable of providing game master administration, server hosting/maintenance, promotion, and online payment solutions. We also do online game consulting.

Web Site Development
We leverage our game development skills to also develop web sites. Along with a focus on the interface, we are able to deliver concise information in a limited space so as to provide the most comfortable user experience.

These 2 skills allow us to develop a web site that is comfortable when first accessed.
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