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        Mobile Suit Gundam Seed:
        Tomo to kimi to senjo de
        Naruto: Shinobi no sato no jintori gassen
        Pichu Bros. Mini
        Pokemon Zany Cards
        Pokemon Party Mini
        Dice de Chocobo (Chocobo Collection)
  • Mobile Content
        Space Dig Dug
        Soul Mahjong
        Time Crisis Deadline DX
        Same Same Paradise - Hammer Dakkan Sakusen
        Time Crisis Deadline
        Prop Cycle - Ride the Wind
        “Nou Tore↑(UP)”
  • Online Games
        QUARDA Online
        ShadowFlare (CD-ROM)
        Elementalia ? Minna no okoku
        The Ministry of Economy, Trade and
        Industry “2002 Fundamental
        Technologies for Digital Content
        Shadow Flare
  • Web Site Development
        R.O.S.E. Online Official Web Site
        “Partner Shop Information
        Management System”
        Shopping Cart/
        Products Management System
        ZENROSAI Tokyo Head Office
        Survey Web Site
        ZENROSAI Tokyo Head Office
        “Product Catalog Builder”
        Shopping Cart/
        Products Management System
        Membership Community Site
  • Brain Enhancement Content
         “Sokudoku Kyoshitsu
         (Speed Reading Classroom)”
        “Nou Tore↑(UP)”

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